2006 Business Excellence Awards

The 2006 Business Excellence Awards have been granted to 115 domestic and foreign invested enterprises in recognition of their export achievements. The awards ceremony was jointly organized by the National Committee for International Economic Co-operation, Viet Nam trade commissioners in 53 countries, trade newspaper and e-newspaper in Hanoi last Saturday.

(Future Generation at the Ceremony)

Speaking at the ceremony, Deputy Minister of Trade Luong Van Tu, who is also the Head of the National Committee for International Economic Co-operation, said that Viet Nam’s integration process has contributed significantly to speeding up the country’s export activities.
"Last year, the country achieved a total export turnover of US$32.4 billion while this year export turnover is expected to be $40 billion. Viet Nam is trying to reach an annual total export turnover of $100 billion by 2010. To fulfill the target, we need more enterprises to be involved in export activities," he said.
Alain Cany, President and CEO of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC), the sponsor of the 2006 Business Excellence Awards, said the awards were a recognition given by the Vietnamese Government to the contributions made by local exporters to the economy. Exports is one area which had continued to develop successfully in the country, he said. "The awards also provide a chance for enterprises to get together, exchange valuable experiences, and improve business results and competitiveness during the global integration process," Alain said, adding that HSBC was making the supply chain more efficient, seamless and trouble free as possible for Vietnamese importers and exporters.
Future Generation Co.Ltd is one of the companies received merit awards for exporting high-volume of products  last year. We have been listed on group two, group of companies which are recommended by several Vietnam commercial affairs in many countries.

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