COZY - Vietnam Value - National Brand Program 2012

COZY brand has been continuously awarded the Vietnam National Value in 2012.

54 businesses honored National Brands 2012
On 01.07.2013, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce held the National Brand Award Ceremony 2012 (the 3rd) for 54 enterprises with products meet the national brand program’s criteria. Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai, Minister of Industry and Trade Vu Huy Hoang and Minister of Science and Technology Nguyen Quan attended the awards for the typical business.



Quality - Innovation, Creativity – Pioneer Ability

Minister of Industry and Trade Vu Huy Hoang and Minister of Science and Technology Nguyen Quan awarded for Cozy brand
In the opening remarks at the ceremony, Minister of Industry and Trade Vu Huy Hoang, chairman of the National Brand Council said: "National Brands program aims to build the image of Vietnam - the country with a reputation for variety of goods and services, rich with high quality; to improve brand competitiveness for Vietnamese products in the domestic and international market in the integration process; increase awareness of the distributors and consumers in Vietnam and abroad for the Vietnamese-branded products. Implementation Program helps enterprises to raise awareness of the importance of ability in trademark building, promoting and protection. "
The Program also aims to build Vietnam's image associated with the value of "Quality - Innovation, Creativity - Pioneer ability", adding prestige, pride and fascinate of Vietnam country and people, encouraging tourism and attract foreign investment, to strengthen the cooperation between Vietnam and other countries in the world. These are the pillars of the program elements, the value of the foundation for sustainable development in international economic integration period.
On 25/11/2003, the Prime Minister assigned the Ministry of Trade, now the Ministry of Industry and Trade in collaboration with other ministries, branches, localities and enterprises to deploy Chapter National Brand (Forum Value). In recent times, the Vietnamese National Council Brands include members who are leaders of ministries and departments have actively directed the Secretariat of the National Council Brand focused on implementing activities to help businesses to raise awareness of the importance of the development and promotion, brand protection products. About 2500 typical business registration across the country were directly involved in the program. After the screening of the registration dossiers, the Secretariat was checking businesses through agencies such as the General Department of Taxation, the Vietnam Customs, Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality, Vietnam Environment Administration, etc. .. The selection of products that meets National brand criteria is conducted every 2 years..
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