Future Generation Company has attended workshop on Smart Organic Agriculture organised by Asian Productivity Organisation (APO) in October 2019.

Agriculture must feed nine billion people worldwide by 2050 against the challenges of declining arable land per capita and shrinking water availability for agriculture. Extreme weather conditions, climate change, and the environmental impact of intensive farming practices are other serious threats. Smart agriculture (SA) offers the solution.

The workshop consists of themed presentations, sharing of country experiences, group exercises, and field visits. At the seminar, experts from Canada, Switzerland, India, and other member countries of the Asian Productivity Organization (APO) spoke about the growing trend of using web-based organic smart agricultural technologies and intelligent traceability systems that were developed by U.S., E.U. and Indian regulatory agencies.

APO member countries will help Vietnam improve its legal system and infrastructure to enable smart agricultural production and organic agriculture associated with traceability, and ensure its agricultural products meet technical standards and its certifying agencies achieve international acceptance. The proposed national standard on organic agricultural products of Vietnam will provide a common standard for production, processing and labeling of organic agricultural products such as crops and livestock, and spell out the requirements for organizations that evaluate and provide organic certification.

Future Generation Company is honor to be host of field study. Over 30 representatives from 16 countries members of APO have  visited tea gardens, green tea processing line and discussed about issues related to irrigation system, labor knowledge, technologies, environmental contamination, etc. Many experiments are shared, some advice are given to help the host company apply smart agriculture.

APO has presented the Certificate of Appreciation for FGC’s contribution on success of workshop.


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