Cozy – A familiar brand tea with young people in Vietnam which is widely used in various milk tea shops

Cozy – A familiar brand tea with  young people  in Vietnam which is widely used in various milk tea shops. Understanding the desire for a convenient, safe and take it anytime, Cozy has launched an unique product , which is the milk tea product  line- Cozy Moments.

Cozy Moments is the first canned milk tea product in Vietnam,with two flavors of Peach Milk Tea and Matcha Milk Tea that is the best choice for young people.



From fresh tea leaves selected from the largest tea highlands in Vietnam, combined with modern production lines from Europe  to ensure the most stringent standards of health safety for consumers, milk tea Cozy Moments will be the best choice for milk tea devotees.



With high-technology  production process from first stage, raw material preparation to the end product , combined with 6-layer composite sterilization paper packaging, Cozy Moments said no preservatives, bring to the natural milk tea, deliciously hard to resist.

Product specifications:

- Net volume: 225ml.

- Expiry date: Print on the package.

- Does not contain preservatives.

- Shake well before drinking, more delicious when cold drink.

- Instant drink products




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