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259.png Black Tea in bulk

We offer black tea orthodox and CTC in various grades. Beside pure black tea, flavored tea have been created by scented black tea with...

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258.png Green Tea in bulk

Tea is a part of Vietnamese lifetime, we appreciate and enjoy our unique green tea. Green tea is a delicate, original-tasting beverage...

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257.png Vietnam special tea

The way of making, tasting Lotus and Jasmine teas are of Vietnamese culture. Taste our natural flower scented tea...

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Future Generation Company (FGC) is a private company founded in 1996. Since the outset, the company has focused on tea manufacturing and trading. Thanks to the proper orientation and the enthusiasm of the entire leadership and collective officers and employees, the company has grown rapidly.

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362.jpg FAQs Tea

True "teas" are made from the dried leaves of the Camellia, the tea plant, which was first cultivated in China and found growing wild in India.Chinese monks and European traders...

361.jpg Tea and Health

Numerous studies suggest that green tea protects against a range of cancers, including lung, prostate and breast cancer. The reason cited is the antioxidant epigallo catechin...

360.jpg Vietnam Tea Culture

Tea drinking has been a tradition of Vietnamese people for over three thousands years.There are many aspects of tea culture worth noting. The therapeutic and medicinal functions...


Tea with the scent of flowers are unique feature of Vietnamese tea culture. Vietnamese...

378.png The Story of Matcha and Where it began

Matcha is not only delicious ,it’s also filled with health benefits. Today we’re...

376.png Invitation for Gulfood 2017

Invitation for Gulfood 2017, Dubai, UAE

373.jpg COZY won Gold Medal at 7th North American Tea Conference

Jasmin Green "COZY" won the Gold medal in the tea competition at 7th North American...

372.jpg Gulfood 2016

Welcome to our booth at Gulfood 2016!

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